The Better Shopper

Put a plate of various sweets or a bag of chips in front of me and I will pick the chips. Every. Single. Time. Quite confident I have made my love for chips known on our blog. I eat clean the majority of the time but will gladly thrown down with chips. Add some queso and I am in heaven….until the next morning. I went to a fairly new grocery store the other day and found some chips that Stacy had mentioned to me a while back. I was excited to see The Better Chip at this new store so I grabbed a couple of bags. Their products are gluten free and vegan friendly. They are made with simple ingredients but still pack in a lot of flavor. Something I found interesting on their website is that they say you will never find their chips in the actual chip aisle. They are in the deli section. That way you can grab a bag as you are shopping for fresh foods, not the junky snack foods. And yes, I did find the chips in the deli section!


I apologize for not having a better looking picture. I opened up both bags in the car!

Stacy and I have mentioned on more than one occasion that we read labels before buying food. Does that mean our purchases are strictly clean products? No. I think we both believe in balance when it comes to food. It is difficult to be 100% clean. It can also be very intimidating to begin the process of cleaning up your diet (by diet I mean food in general). My advice is to start small. Make yourself aware of how things are made and gradually make changes as you shop. READ LABELS. I decided to compare The Better Chip to another brand in my pantry.


Look at the ingredients listed above. (Click on the image to see it in a larger size.) Each flavor has no more than six ingredients and I can pronounce all of them. I do not have to google any of the ingredients because they are all simple ingredients. No freaky chemically made junk.


Okaaaaayyyy, here are the ingredients for the “other brand” of chips. I am sure I do not have to name the specific brand. ;) And yes, they were in my pantry so I bought them! Balance. I have been avoiding this brand lately because I am trying very hard to make better choices for myself. Look at that long list of ingredients! I would also need google for a bunch of the ingredients.

Next time you are grocery shopping, do yourself a favor and read the ingredients. Most of your purchases should be made from the produce and meat sections (if you eat meat). Your purchases from the middle aisles should be limited as they are filled with foods that are going to require google. And if you buy frozen diet food, we need to talk. Seriously. I will be doing on post on frozen meals in the near future.


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