Contest Winner & “What’s in My Gym Bag”

This week has been crazy. Is it really Thursday and I am just now getting to the blog? This week is spring break by us so Missy is away and I have had several work obligations in addition to what I have in a “normal” week. Unfortunately, this meant neglecting blogging duties.  However, I wanted to make sure to announce our contest winner today! Danielle G. has won the Apothecary Extracts 100% Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil! If you are Danielle, check your email. :)

This busy week has also meant lacking much in terms of creative thought process. So today, we are going to play “What’’s in your gym bag?” Last week one of my workout girls said my gym bag is “like a store” because I have so many random things in there. Today I will share with you some of the “highlights.”

2 pairs of shoes – I might have a slight problem collecting workout shoes. But I also have had my fair share of foot issues, so it is important to me to always have the “right” shoes. There are three pair (wear one and two in the bag!) on my person at any given time – my running shoes (Brooks Ravenna), my cross trainers which are sort of still running shoes but lighter (Asics Tri Noosa) and my lifting shoes (inov-8 FastLifts). If you lift and do not have lifting shoes yet, I highly recommend checking a pair out.  You will feel the difference immediately! And yes, my bag looks a little ridiculous with all these shoes, but I am always prepared. :)

My running shoes

My running shoes

My "cross trainers" & lifting shoes

My “cross trainers” & lifting shoes

Kettlebell Arm Guards – I used to have a love/hate relationship with kettlebells. I enjoyed working with them, but I would have bruised wrists for at least a week following a workout. Not the best look. I eventually took the “I don’t care how dumb I look” plunge and got some kettlebell wristguards. I have a pink pair from HumanX.  These have been a lifesaver. I truly feel it allows me to push my limits on weights a little more because it’s not hurting every time it “flips” onto my wrist. This week’s “homework” workout from our trainer involved a LOT of kettle bell work.  I did the workout yesterday and woke up today bruise free.  Definitely a good investment!


Wristwraps – I started out by only wearing one of these because I had one wrist that is noticeably weaker than the other. As the weight I lift has started to creep up, I now wrap both wrists if any weight is going overhead. I got my first pair at Dick’s sporting goods and do not remember the brand.  The ones I have now are from Schiek and they are pink and black.


Posture Medic band – This is one of my newest editions. When Missy & I were at the Arnold a few weeks ago, I saw these bands at one of the vendor booths. For some reason when I first saw them, it didn’t really click that these could help me. I don’t have terrible posture during normal daily activities (at least I don’t think I do!). But then I got to thinking and realized I do have posture issues at the gym. Mainly, as weight gets piled on for any kind of squat (front, back, overhead…doesn’t matter!) I “fold,” meaning my upper body leans forward rather than keeping my chest out and shoulders back like I should be doing. I ordered my Posture Medic band the week following the Arnold and tried it during my next lifting session. I still have work to do, but it was instant improvement. I have even managed to hit snatch and clean PR’s since getting this band.  Not only did it help my form, things actually felt better because my form was much closer to how it should be. Not going to lie, I do feel kind of dumb wearing this thing at the gym. But it has been worth it & I will continue to train with this until I have the strength and muscle memory to correctly squat without it.


Headphones — Right now my headphones of choice are my X-1 Women’s Momentum in pink.  I have had these for ages and they are still going strong.  If you aren’t familiar with X-1 products, they are sweat proof which is not only awesome for the gym but perfect for those days you wake up to race and it’s pouring rain.


Those are the “important” items in my bag. After that, there are a lot of other random things… a heart rate monitor, hand sanitizer, money, gloves (which I prefer to lift without), disinfecting wipes (I may be a tiny bit of a germaphobe) and several random headbands and hair ties.

I have purchased these items and this is not a “sponsored post” in any way.  All opinions are my own and links are simply meant for your benefit if you are interested in checking out any of these companies.

What’s the most unusual thing in YOUR gym bag?



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