Fitness Magazines? Don’t Bother.

My single girl evenings were usually spent reading magazines. And like most women, I bought the fitness magazines because some feature caught my eye on the cover page. Drop those last five pounds! Get toned arms! Lose belly fat! We have seen them all. When I started my fitness journey after having my kids, I bought the fitness magazines again. But guess what? NONE of the helped me. Not one. I would find catchy phrases to make me want to buy the magazines but nothing inside of them helped me lose weight or gain muscle. Be honest with yourself: have you ever bought a fitness magazine, followed their recommendations and it worked for you? I doubt it. Why do we keep buying them? I will admit, I do like to buy magazines just to flip through them and look at the clothes. However, I do not buy fitness magazines anymore (with the exception of one- more on that later) because I find them worthless.

Ok, I did buy some recently for this post. One of the magazines caught my eye because Kate Hudson was on the cover. I think she is adorable so naturally that magazine caught my eye. She was wearing clothes from her new Fablectics line which really intrigues me but I do not wish to become a member to buy the clothes. Yes, I know you do not need to be a member to buy them but why even have the membership?!? Small rant over….

IMG_7812See what they did there to hook you? “The New Way She Got This Body.” There is a NEW way to look like adorable Kate? Yes! Buying it! But after reading the article, there is no new way to get Kate’s body. She talks about her exercise routine briefly but there is no new way to attain a hot body. She also talks about food and I love her way of thinking. She doesn’t like to diet, believes being healthy is a lifestyle and would rather cook the majority of her family’s meals. I liked the article but the headline was misleading. I thought I was going to get info on her fitness routine. Nope. And let’s be honest here, is there any NEW way to get a hot body? No. I stick to the basics when training- some cardio and weights. Works for me!


Ok, ladies! Let’s get lean and sexy for the summer! Hurry up and get to Target before this magazine is gone! And bonus- it only takes 15 minutes to get a flat belly, tight butt and slim thighs! Um, no. First of all, abs are made in the kitchen. That saying is said a lot and it is kind of annoying. However, it is true. A flat belly is attained by eating clean food and drinking water. After finding the article that promises I will be lean and sexy in just 15 minutes, I was slightly disappointed to see it was only 4 exercises to do with a resistance band. Don’t get me wrong, they are great ideas but they are not enough to get what is promised. You need to do a lot of work to get lean. Simple exercises with a resistance band are not going to cut it. Again, another magazine cover offers a bunch of empty promises.

I mentioned that I do buy one fitness magazine. Check out Strong Fitness Magazine if you haven’t already. Stacy and I both love it. It is filled with women that look like they actually work out. You will not find a fitness model holding a 3 lb weight in this magazine. Instead, you will see Olympic bars with plates and heavy kettle bells! Finally! I love this magazine because it features things that I actually love to do. No empty promises. The recommendations you will find in this magazine actually work! Fun little tidbit: Stacy has been featured in Strong Fitness! They encourage readers to post pictures and use the hashtag #mystrongmoment. They pick a few inspiring pictures in moments of health and fitness to feature in their magazine. Check out Stacy deadlifting (not her max anymore, by the way)!


Next time you are looking in the magazine section, remember your ranting friend Missy. Those fitness magazines promising toned arms (don’t get me started on the word toned) or 3 simple moves to blast belly fat are just trying to get you to buy their product. They use catchy phrases to get your attention. Look beyond their sneaky marketing ploys! You want to get lean or gain muscle? Don’t bother with (most of) those magazines.



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