Homemade Lip Balm & GIVEAWAY

My mom was recently here visiting from California. She and I are basically two peas in a pod. You know the saying the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree? Yep, pretty much describes us exactly. She and I love the idea of making something rather than buying it. We also do not like buying products filled with junk. My mom recently started making bath products such as shaving cream, lotion bars, lip balm and deodorant. Before she arrived, we had planned a day to make these products at my house. Stacy also likes the idea of using safer natural products so she joined us in the fun!

I love lip balm. I have been a junky since I was young. I had an entire drawer filled with Lip Smackers. Have you ever been to an Arbonne party? If you have, most likely you learned a little about the ingredients used in many over the counter beauty products. This post is not to blast companies that use lanolin (sheep sweat) or petroleum (yuck). There is a lot of debate on whether those ingredients are even that bad for you but if I can, I would like to avoid them. Besides, making lip balm is actually a lot of fun! These homemade lip balms also feel very good. Remember, I am basically an expert when it comes to lip balm. I have tried a ton of brands and these homemade lip balms are my favorite. They have a nice smooth and light feeling to them.

Disclaimer here: we do not have the source for the original poster of the lip balm recipe. My mom lost the web site. All we have is a computer print out of the recipe. I would for sure give credit where it is due if I had the original poster.

Homemade Lip Balm

  • 30 grams cocoa butter
  • 24 grams beeswax
  • 12 grams shea butter
  • 15 grams avocado oil
  • 45 grams castor oil
  • 21 grams hemp seed oil
  • 3 grams vitamin e

You need a kitchen scale to measure out the ingredients. You then heat up all of the ingredients until you have a liquid with no lumps. We also added scents (mango peach, green apple, watermelon, blueberry and asian pear) and tints to our lip balms. Then we used pipettes to fill lip balm tubes and that is it! The liquid starts going back to a solid quickly so we had to work fast. It is very easy to make your own bath products but it can get messy and time consuming (if you make a bunch of products in one day like we did). So as you see pictures of my kitchen, remember that we had stuff EVERYWHERE. You will not see perfect blogger pictures in this post that are Pinterest worthy. ;) Plus, I had to have my eight year old take pictures of the three of us together.


Filling the lip balm tubes.

Filling the lip balm tubes.

Would you like to try our lip balm? We have a sample bag of all five flavors we made waiting for one FitFemmes reader! Remember, these products were made by non professionals (us) in my kitchen. I feel confident that you will love them but just wanted to offer a small disclaimer to you.


Have you made any of your own products? We would love to hear about them and see your recipes!


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  1. I love the idea of homemade lip balms, but haven’t gotten around to ever trying to make em’. These look awesome, and that’s so cool tha tyour mom makes her own bath products!

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