Running Mojo (And a fun workout to try!)

The last time I blogged, I talked about wanting to find my motivation to log some more running miles. I have made an effort to follow through, even throwing in some longer runs on the weekend (although “long” right now has been 8 miles which really doesn’t seem very long once you have run a marathon…). On Sunday I had the opportunity to run in one of my favorite places – the Chicago lakefront. I have run in lots of places all over the country and always come back to this as one of my favorite, particularly on the occasions I have run it not during a race. How can you not be inspired by this?



Got out early enough for an uncrowded path - a rare site on a gorgeous spring day.

Got out early enough for an uncrowded path – a rare site on a gorgeous spring day.

It amazes me what a difference your surroundings can make. Last weekend I ran 8 on a treadmill. This weekend’s 8 on the lakefront was almost a full minute per mile faster and the effort felt very similar.

Yes, we have beaches in Chicago... :)

Yes, we have beaches in Chicago… :)


We have also had some really tough runs in boot camp lately as well. I will share last Monday’s workout with you because it was so much “fun” that I told Missy she really needed to try it out. (She might have texted me half way through and said she just wanted to lay on the treadmill…the feeling most of us had when we ran it last week!)


5 Minute warm-up

10 intervals of .15 –  but there is a catch. They start at 0 incline, but each one goes up 1%, meaning you will run:


.15 @ 0% incline

.15 @ 1% incline

.15 @2% incline

.15 @ 3% incline

.15 @ 4% incline

.15 @5% incline

.15 @ 6% incline

.15 @ 7% incline

.15 @8% incline

.15 @9% incline


Pause treadmill for 45 second recovery between each interval. You will feel like you don’t need this break for the first few rounds, but trust me, you will be grateful for it by halfway through!


Once you have completed that portion (which will be 1.5 miles for those of you that are running math challenged), repeat in reverse – 10 intervals of .15 starting at 9% and ending at 0 incline. We got off and did a circuit of weight exercises in between the two sets, but it would be a great workout even without the “extra” stuff.


So really, this is FUN. You know you want to try it. If you do, be sure to let us know how it goes. :) Do you do treadmill workouts? Do you love them or hate them?



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