Oh Deadlifts, How I have Missed You.

Squats, deads and lunges. They are a girl’s best friends. You want a bootie and quads? You best be doing squats, deads and lunges. Deadlifts are, by far, my favorite lift. Lifters all seem to have one lift that they love and excel at and deads are definitely my lift. I have missed doing them the most these past 7 months with my tear recovery. The last time I deadlifted I was able to get a one rep max that was a bit over 100lbs added to my body weight. Nothing crazy good in terms of power lifting but I was pretty dang proud of getting it as it was 10 pounds over my previous one rep max. 10 pounds may not sound like a big deal but if you are a lifter you KNOW it is a huge difference!

Yesterday at my chiro appt, I said I needed more to do in the gym. I have been diligently doing my chiro exercises. They have become easy and I am bored. So tired of doing planks, push ups and kettle bells each time I work out. So. Very. Tired. My chiro has been working my elbows pretty intensely during my appointments. In the beginning of this crappy journey, he could barely touch my elbow and I was in severe pain. Now he can work it and I barely feel anything. He said he was okay with me going back to lifting completely as long as I went back as a beginner. FINALLY! I wanted to run straight to the gym after that appointment but I waited until this morning since yesterday was a rest day. I did a proper leg day this morning with my beloved deads.

I am a power lifter at heart. I like to pile on the weight as I do my work outs. I like to see just how much weight I can lift before my body fails me. I knew I was not going to be able to power lift today. I am finally released to lift but I still have some work ahead of me before I am back to lifting like I did before my tear. There is obviously no way my body is ready to lift heavy but my mind is beyond ready. This part of my recovery may be the toughest yet for me mentally. I want to pile on the weight but I have to remember I am at a beginner level right now.

I did my work out right next to Stacy and the rest of my boot camp class. I have honestly been avoiding working out anywhere near them during my recovery. I want to be doing what they are doing. It is a bit too much for me emotionally to watch my group do things that I can’t do right now. Thankfully, my ear buds and Justin Timberlake distracted me enough from longing to be a part of boot camp today. Today’s work out was a huge lesson in humility as I did not even come close to the weight my friends were lifting today. It is okay though. I will keep coming back for more and as my elbow allows, I will be back to my powerlifting days in no time.

Any lifters out there that had to take a significant break from lifting? How did you survive?? How did it feel coming back?


2 thoughts on “Oh Deadlifts, How I have Missed You.

  1. So happy for you Missy!! I know your struggles, and I know the struggles soy are about to face as you are now lifting again. Ice, rest, and even more patience will be your best friend for a couple months. This is where you have to dig even deeper to find your patience! Get after girl!

    • I am tired of digging deep! Ha! I know you know what I mean. ;) I am sure I will be texting you when I am freaking out. Gonna go get my ice pack now……

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