Summer Wednesdays Are Back!

Today was a good morning! I joined our bootcamp class for a Wednesday work out for the first time in about 8 months. I texted Ross, our trainer, last night and told him that I was most nervous about Wednesdays. They tend to consist of circuits from the depths of his evil mind. I am not kidding. Wednesdays I usually end up being very mouthy while I voice my frustration over what we are doing. Today was no exception- I jumped right back into my groove of bootcamp. I usually tell Ross that I hate him (I don’t) though today I had to take it back slightly as he fetched our water. It is a gorgeous day here (finally) in the Chicago burbs so we took our work out outside. It was a typical Wednesday circuit: weights you would not expect a bunch of women to use for an hour and SO MANY reps. Ugh. Thankfully, my elbow held up quite nicely! I felt no pain. At this point in my elbow tear recovery, I can do pretty much anything but I am not going to push through any aggravation or pain. I have not felt any pain since going back to the exercises I was restricted from so so long. If something aggravates my arm, I quickly modify or switch to a different exercise to keep moving. I think after 8 months of recovery, I have FINALLY learned my lesson. ;)

Stacy and I were very excited for today because our local farmer’s market is back for the season! YAY! We made plans to go together after bootcamp today. Do you shop at your local farmer’s markets? If you don’t, we highly encourage you to check them out! You will see various vendors from antiques to baked goods to fresh fruit and veggies.¬†With the season just starting, we did notice that a couple of our favorite vendors are not there yet. The selection of produce is also somewhat smaller as our growing season just started here in the midwest. Why should you shop at farmer’s markets? Shop local! Support your local farmers rather than the big companies that supply grocery stores. I would much rather buy my produce from smaller farms as opposed to the mass produced “farms.” When you buy produce from big grocery stores, do you have any idea where that food is coming from? I sure don’t and it is kind of creepy. At farmer’s markets, you have a way better idea of where your food is grown and how it is grown if you take the time to talk to the farmers. You may also see home party based companies like 31 Gifts and Avon at farmer’s markets. Stacy and I were introduced to Norwex today. Cleaning with no chemicals? Right up our alley. We are so happy that farmer’s market season is back!


Are you just as excited as we are that farmer’s markets are back for the season? If you have never been to one, find one near you and SHOP LOCAL!


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