Adjusting To The New Normal

Have you ever been injured? Significantly injured? Both of us can tell you that it is terrible. So many emotions run through your mind throughout your recovery period. SO. Many. Emotions. These past eight months have been an emotional roller coaster ride. Since I internalize my feelings, I tried to keep my frustrations to myself. I didn’t want to whine because I knew it was going to be many months before I started feeling better. Only the people that are close to me got to see me go through frustration, anger, acceptance, back to anger, indifference, sadness……. I could keep going. Simply put, injury messes with your head! When something that you love and do almost every day is taken away from you, it is difficult to adjust.

Now that I can FINALLY do as I please in the gym, I am starting to adjust my new routine. I am still holding back quite a bit in terms of weight. I can’t obviously lift the weight I was using eight months ago. I have to gain that strength back. Thankfully, I am noticing that muscle memory really does exist (YAY!). I also need to take it easy as my elbow is just not used to the activity.


I posted that picture recently in our Instagram account. It is just another selfie of a girl (me) in gym clothes but it got me thinking. I usually wear really obnoxious colors when I am at the gym. During that time I was injured, I rarely touched them. Why? I didn’t feel like myself when I was on all of my restrictions. In one of the more important aspects of my life (my fitness), I was shutting down and just going through the motions. There was no joy, no fun. Wearing a certain color is very trivial but for some reason, it was a big deal for me- at least bigger than I realized.

Injury really does mess with your emotions. However, we as individuals are the only ones that can truly make ourselves happy. Happiness is a choice. Being able to do what I love again sure does help with my choice- not going to lie! However, if you find this post while you are in the middle of an injury restriction, please know that it does get better. Be proactive with your recovery and find your happiness. And by all means, wear obnoxious colors to the gym.

Have you been injured? How did you get through the roller coaster ride of emotions?


4 thoughts on “Adjusting To The New Normal

  1. It’s like you are speaking for ME–but I have a long way to go yet! Thanks for the encouragement!

    • You are welcome! What you can do right now is focus on resting and then your physical therapy. Be a good patient! It may seem like a long road but you will get there!

  2. Injury restrictions.. Hmm.. I’m not sure I can get over mine. I alternate.. Between acceptance and Pissed. I can NEVER run again. Running was my go to. For everything. I was my happiest when I could run. Now, I am madder and meaner than ever.. Even a heavy bag hasn’t helped.

    I’m pretty sure it is because I haven’t found a workout I can engage in. I mean, running, you could just go and not have to baby the injury. I ruptured the tendon that supports the arch of your foot. Pretty critical to just about everything. And just about any exercise you can do.. is related to your freaking foot! So…. I have put on 30 pounds.. and gaining.. even given the go ahead for treadmill WALKING.. But running will never happen.. Anything that will cause impact to the foot. Swimming is about the only “approved” activity that isn’t weight bearing.. I don’t have a pool lying around..

    So, frustrated.. Hell, yeah. Anyone want to come up with a workout program for me? I did clear out the garage and dust off the weight bench.. hoping that will help. treadmill, punching bag and weight bench.. But I just can’t get the sweat rolling like a good run.

    • Wow. I am so sorry. How frustrating for you! I can definitely appreciate having something you love taken away from you but I, at least, had a temporary restriction. I hope you are able to find a new love. I would definitely dust off that weight bench! Adding lean muscle will help with your gaining. Again, so very sorry!

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