Playing It Safe?

I need to step up my gym routine. I came to this realization recently. I have been slowly adding my normal activities back into my gym routine since being released from my elbow tear restrictions. If you are new here, I endured EIGHT LONG MONTHS of restrictions for my tear. I have been given the freedom to do whatever I want in the gym again. Honestly, I am just going through the motions when I am on my own.

I have goals in mind. Will I meet these specific goals if I am just going though the motions during my work outs? Nope. Even if you have never been injured (lucky!), you can most likely relate to this post. Are you challenged during your work outs? Or are you just going to the same machines each time you go to the gym? When I first joined the gym, I played it safe and used the stair master and elliptical every single time I worked out. Just going through the motions is also very boring. As much as I like to complain if I endure an awful work out, I love them. I love being broken down for that hour and forgetting everything but what I am doing in the moment. And allow me to let you in on a not so little secret: you will not see big results just going through the motions. If you are new to exercise, you will see immediate results- sure. But as you continue to exercise, you will need to challenge yourself by adding intensity to your activities. Same thing goes for those of us that are not new to exercise: we can’t do the same thing every time we enter the gym. You have to switch it up or your body will plateau.

I realized recently that I am still playing it safe with this stupid injury thing. I can do what I want but I am not exactly there yet. I am not back to my normal routine. I go to our bootcamp class about once a week. I have also boxed a couple times and have lifted a few times with Ross. If I do a work out that is tough, the next day I tend to take it easy. Taking it easy is okay to a point. I think I have gone beyond the point of it being okay. I am taking it waaaayyyyy too easy. I asked a friend of mine who had the same injury if she noticed the same thing. She admitted that she plays it safe a lot, too. She and I have a lot of similarities in our training. We love to lift heavy. I felt a bit better hearing she struggled with challenging herself, too. Why do we not challenge ourselves when we know we should? Fear. If you have been injured, you fear the possibility of reinjuring your body. If you go to the same machines each time you work out, you fear the unknown.


Fear is a liar. Do not let fear have any power over you. I have learned time and time again that if I let go of my fear, something awesome is usually on the other side. Life is not worth living if you do not get out there and take some risks. Like I said, goals cannot be met by playing it safe. I went from never even stepping foot into the weight area to often being one of the very few females that lifts heavy in the racks. It is time for me to let go of my fear again. I have some goals to achieve.


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