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Where the heck have I been these past few months? Lost. I feel lost. I am lost in the land of injury and frustration. The elbow (I had a tear in my right elbow if you are new to our blog) is okay. They both ache after heavy upper body work outs or when the weather is crappy. I am starting to figure out that my elbows do not like certain exercises. I have been trying to isolate my upper body to strengthen my elbows and forearms. I got into a redundant routine and got extremely bored. Boredom led to frustration. I am so stinking tired of feeling broken. I am so stinking tired of having some sort of restriction at the gym. I am ridiculously tired of talking about it! Since my life seems to only have injury and frustration, I stopped posting. No one wants to hear my woes post after post so I stopped posting altogether on here.

Back in early September, I finally joined our boot camp class again. It was a circuit work out. My first circuit was box jumps. During my very first jump of the work out, my hip locked out at the top of the jump. I walked away crying. I do NOT cry in public. I usually laugh if I am hurt. I wasn’t crying because of the pain. I cried because I had reached my limit on feeling broken. Before my elbow tear, I was in the best shape of my life.¬†Since my elbow tear, I feel like I have just been falling apart. Who does one freaking box jump and then her hip locks out? ME. I have done countless box jumps. One box jump should not affect me like it did. My hip didn’t feel right after that day so I took time off from lower body completely. It did not get better. I finally listened to my husband and went to a doctor. Fast forward TWO MRIs (one traditional and the nasty contrast) and a trip to a sports medicine guy and I found out I tore my butt. In medical terms, I have tendonitis in my right glute.

ANOTHER TEAR. I will be honest with you and say I was hoping it was bad enough to merit surgery. I just wanted to be fixed. Turns out I am not a candidate for surgery. I thought I was going to be stuck isolating my upper body again for months but NO! My sports medicine doctor is my new best friend. He is in the camp of keep training the area that is affected. WHAT?!?!?! With my elbow I had to rest that arm completely. Ten months later and I was a maniac. To hear that I did NOT have to rest my lower body was a huge sigh of relief. I actually wanted to kiss him while weeping.

Where am I now? I am seeing a physical therapist to work on the glute and hip. My PT is confident my injury is due to overcompensation. I have symptoms all in my right hip/glute but my left hip is noticeably worse in terms of movement and strength. I also have some structure issues working against me. They are fixable but I have some work to do in that area. I have been doing some research and found an article that basically sums up my life this past year and some odd months. My butt has amnesia. By the way, I am totally laughing while I write this post. (Laugh or you’ll cry.) But seriously, butt amnesia is actually a thing. I do not activate my glutes when I work out. But not activating them, my body started to overcompensate. The problem with this pattern is that your body doesn’t realize what is going on until you are injured. I am confident that I can blame my elbow tear on this overcompensation, too. Combine my structural issues with my hips and the butt amnesia and you have a hot mess (me).

Does your butt have amnesia? Do you passively sit down for most of the day? Do you really activate your glutes when you train? If you would like to read the article I mentioned, do so here. I am guessing it will apply to most of you. Want a few more tips on how to activate your glutes? Check out this link and this one, too. Learn from my terrible mistakes and make sure you are activating your glutes when you train! If not me, at the very least, listen to Yoda.


Get out there and wake up those glutes!



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