Enough Is Enough

Happy groundhog’s day, kids! My youngest is very excited that an early spring is predicted this year. I am not holding my breath in anticipation but it has been a very mild winter for the Chicago burbs this year!

I had a big dose of reality smack me in the face a couple weeks ago. I did cardio. I have not done cardio since basically summer. My stupid luck injuries prevented me from doing cardio for a while. However, I just started avoiding it altogether. I do not like it. I will pick weights any day and every day over cardio. I did not have my trainer telling me what to do in terms of a work out. It has been just me doing a whole lot of barely anything in the gym for months. So it should not be of any surprise that I felt like I was going to keel over after doing a very short sprints on the skier. My cardio endurance did not exist anymore. I mentioned it to my PT and he brushed it off saying the skier is a tough machine. I could not help but compare those short sprints to how I used to be able to use that machine before my injuries. The comparing game is never good. Comparing yourself to others is just plain stupid because your training is yours, not anyone else’s training. What one person does may not be the best option for you. How one person performs should not affect how you perform. Sure, it is great to look to others for inspiration but leave it at that level. Do not drive yourself crazy trying to outdo someone else. Comparing yourself to past performance is very frustrating. Trust me on that one! I have been doing it for over a year now.

After that very humbling cardio experience, I realized that I am very tired of playing the injured girl in life. I am tired of my clothes feeling tight when they used to feel loose. I am tired of being bored in the gym. I am tired of the extra body fat replacing my hard earned muscle. I am tired of comparing myself current performance to past performance. I decided that enough is enough. Time to stop complaining and get back at it. I have no restrictions but here I was still playing it very safe in the gym. Why? I was scared to get hurt again. However, it is time to push the fear aside. It is time to start challenging myself again.

Are you playing it safe with your training? Are you challenging yourself? If you are not satisfied with how you look or feel, reevaluate your training. Most likely, you need to tell yourself enough is enough and do something different. Stop zoning out on your safe machines and try something new. Pick up some heavier weights. Try a new class. Get on the treadmill (or whatever) and try a faster speed or do some sprints. Better yet, hire a trainer and have someone else challenge you. Can’t hire a trainer? Definitely try out group classes or get a friend to train with you. Just having someone else with you could encourage you to work harder.

Do any of my ramblings apply to you? I would love to hear from you if they do! Tell me what you are doing differently. I want to hear about your experiences!

If you see me at the gym hating life on the treadmill, give a girl a little encouragement. I need it right now. ;)


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