Hello! I am Missy, one half of Fit Femmes. I will most likely be the sarcastic contributor to our blog. I am a firefighter’s wife and mother to two boys aged five and seven. I am a former special education teacher and now a stay at home mom. I began my fitness journey when I decided it was time to ditch the dreaded baby weight. While some may consider it vain, I wanted people to look at me and be surprised that I had two children. I figured running was the quickest way to drop the weight so I started running in my neighborhood. I also joined a local gym and that is where my horizons were broadened. I prefer the fast paced work outs so my week is filled with running, boxing, weight lifting and circuit training. The crazier the work out, the more I like it! I am also a self proclaimed roller derby wanna-be. I participate in a weekly roller derby class and LOVE the challenge. Fitness has become a part of my lifestyle. I do not consider working out a chore. In fact, I have come to thrive on my work outs! I have learned quite a bit since starting my fitness journey. I am, by no means, an expert but I hope to to share what I have learned throughout my fitness journey.

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Hi, I am Stacy, the other half of Fit Femmes. You will probably see me blog a lot about running.  I have learned to love a lot of aspects of fitness, but running is what I am most passionate about! When I am not on the roads or at the gym, I am the co-owner (along with my husband) of Superstar Karate, a local martial arts academy.

I started running in an effort to manage a lifelong struggle with weight.  It wasn’t until I began to strength train that I started to really see changes though.  While I still consider myself a “work in progress,” I have grown to appreciate the amazing things my body can now DO as opposed to solely focusing on a scale.  When I am not running I enjoy weight lifting, circuit training and bike riding.

I am amazed on a daily basis of the opportunities that have come to me as a result of running and fitness – travel, new friends (including my co-author, Missy) and several sponsorship opportunities! One of my favorite things along the way have been the people who have come back to me and mentioned that in some small way I inspired them to get moving.  This is one of my goals for Fit Femmes.  I am not an expert and hold no degrees or certification in the fitness industry.  But if I can do it, SO CAN YOU!

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  1. Hi Missy and Stacy,

    I’ve joined Fit Femmes for the Mudderella May 10th. A friend of mine was going to do the race and suggested I do it as well. Well she no longer can make the date and now I am part of your group from a distance. I’ve also spread the work in my area in Westchester and two other woman have joined the group. If there is anything we should do, know, ask about please give me the heads up. We are training in Westchester, but want to also be a part of your team and training as well. Any suggestions?

    • Hi Charlene! Thank you for your comment. Unfortunately, we do not have any sort of “team” for this event. That’s great you have two other women who have joined you! These type of events are always more fun with others, though if you do them on your own you definitely meet some great, supportive women along the course! I have participated in several similar events in the past couple years and you asking for suggestions has given me the idea that an upcoming blog post on training for mud/obstacle races might be a great idea! Keep your eyes open for it in the coming weeks. For now, my suggestion would be to make sure you are able to run at least the distance of the event. Looking at the obstacles for this particular race, I think a lot of body weight exercises would be perfect for training — push ups, burpees, pull ups, etc. It looks like they even have some training ideas on their website here: http://mudderella.com/workouts/ Good luck with your training!

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